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How Digital Marketing Helps In Promoting A Product

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Small Business Owners

The main benefit for businesses regarding online or digital marketing is to get your business more online exposure, get more calls and inquiries build a larger list of clients to market to in the future and get in front of more potential customers, clients or patients who are looking for a product or service.

Running a business in the greater Nottinghamshire area can be tough with more competition taking greater market share and customers searching only the first few businesses they come across on the internet.

Local high street businesses need to show a really good offer to all potential footfall passing their business and potential customers who know where the business is to attract the audience who are ready to buy. With a combination of local paid display ads, top-ranking mobile search results with Google map placements Small Business owners can get a return on their investment as they should be in a position increase sales
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Online digiatal marketing success for businesses
Running a business can be a time-consuming activity and requires effort and planning to keep your company moving forward by reaching out to previous customers, clients or patients. Marketing to new prospects that you're trying to turn into paying customers is a much greater expense.

Nottingham city with a rough population of about 500,000 can be a competitive market. With new eager competitors popping up every other week just adds to your problems. So, if you want to increase your footfall and get more internet and phone call inquiries, how do you do it?
The simple answer is not by yourself! You need to be servicing your patrons as best as you can by offering great customer service backed up with a product or service that solves a problem in someone's life or business.

If you are a small business or family run firm just keep on doing what you do best and either employ a person to do the marketing or contract it out to an expert in that field. Remember, without sales and marketing your business will struggle to grow. Lofty Digital Marketing can provide the means to grow your online exposure, become an authority in your particular business area and gain better positions in search engine listings like Bing, Google or Yahoo for buyer keyword searches.
If your business is not where you want it to be and you're based anywhere in Nottinghamshire county area give Will a call or send an e-mail enquiry to see if LDM can help grow your business.

How To Attract Customers To Your Store

And How To Get Customers Online With Digital Marketing Strategies Before Your Competitors Find Them

Local SEO Get customers calling you first from their mobile devices as they search while planning their purchases or are already shopping in your area

Google Maps Listing Customers simply click to call or get directions to your business first as your in the maps listings above the competition

Media Contacts Your business in the media, with highly trusted and authority sites. Build your brand quicker and get the search engines to promote you higher

Mobile Search Customers will now search out the right business from their moble device and get directions to it before your competitors. Be seen first on their smart phone
owner at Lofty Digital Marketing
Will Polley
Owner at Lofty Digital Marketing Agency
Let Will work out a digital marketing strategy for your business. Simply call Will today and discuss your options to grow your business online with more prospects looking for your products or services.
Why Is Your Business Not Growing?
There are many reasons a good business doesn't seem to grow or have year on year growing sales revenue. As I've mentioned before one man cannot efficiently run a business, do the sales, outreach, and marketing to get new and existing customers to come back or buy for the first time.
A small business will reach what I call a ceiling effect. Where one, two or more members of the team are working flat out to service their customers and maintain a product or service.
The business owner or manager should be the designer, creator, and driver of innovation. Let go and deligate tasks that arnt directly making you profit.
What should a small or medium business owner be looking for in an online marketing strategy?
My answer would be simple. An ROI for every investment made for online marketing.
How? By increasing online exposure for keyphrases with buyer intent. Localised to your specific region and directly related to your business service. Gain online authority so search engines find your sites and display them prominently on their listings. Get more prospects calling and visiting your websites and making inquiries.
So, new or returning clients find you before your competitors and look to your business to fulfil their needs.
If you're not getting enough visitors to your website or not enough calls or visits to your business premises. Think you've got a good product or service. And you work hard and sometimes long hours. Whats wrong?

Get Listed in The Maps
Get locally targeted calls and visitors to your website or street store

Get Listed In Search Engines
When customers search for a business they'll see you on the first page

Get Listed On Mobile Search
Shoppers now reach for there smart phone to search for something

Get Targeted with Facebook Advertising
Get super targeted customers, clients or patients by using paid Ads

Get Listed in Social Profiles
Social is more important than ever for building trust and recognition

Get Listed On YouTube
Video is more popular than ever let customers find you on Youtube

Get Calls To Your Business
Be seen on mobile, maps and social, they'll trust you more

Target users With The Display Network
Be seen the display network with paid placements...pinpoint Accuracy
Organic Lead Generation For Businesses
Let Will Polley at Lofty Digital Marketing Agency based just off the M1 junction 28 in Nottingham Provides a service to your business that will grow your online presence and build authority resulting in a maps pack listing on the main search engines. where you can gain the local searching results to provide customers with a great experience and show search engines like Google how valuable and important you are in your area.

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