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Nottinghamshire Small Businesses

Online digital marketing success for businesses in the Nott's area

Running a business can be a time-consuming activity and requires effort and planning to keep your company moving forward by reaching out to previous customers, clients or patients.

Internet marketing in Nottingham

to new prospects that you’re trying to turn into paying customers is a much greater expense.

Nottingham city with a rough population of about 500,000 can be a competitive market. Running a business whether in a village like Lambley or a township like Sherwood or Clifton you should be using all the online platforms to get in touch with your market. A good digital marketing strategy will also support and provide your traditional marketing with a boost and be more consistent, providing your target audience with connected messaging. 

Nottingham’s Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

With new eager competitors popping up every other week just adds to your problems. So, if you want to increase your footfall and get more internet and phone call inquiries, how do you do it?
The simple answer is not by yourself! You need to be servicing your patrons as best as
you can by offering great customer service backed up with a product or service that
solves a problem in someone’s life or business.

If you are a small business or family-run firm just keep on doing what you do best and either employ a person to do the marketing or contract it out to an expert in that field.

Remember, without sales and marketing your business will struggle to grow. Lofty Digital Marketing can provide the means to grow your online exposure, become an authority in your particular business area and gain better positions in search engine listings like Bing, Google or Yahoo for buyer keyword searches.

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Trent Bridge Nottingham

“If your business is not where you want it to be and you’re based anywhere in the Nottinghamshire county
area give Will a call or send an e-mail enquiry to see if LDM can help grow your business.” Or meet up for a coffee and chat we can be found near Hucknall under Huthwaite 

How Digital Marketing Helps In Promoting A Product

Industry Jargon Used

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Media
  • Google Maps
  • Pay Per Click
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Re-marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Digital Agency Nottingham
  • Branding

Benefits To Business

The main benefit for businesses regarding online or digital marketing is to get your business more online exposure, get more calls and inquiries build a larger list of clients to market to in the future and get in front of more potential customers, clients or patients who are looking for a product or service. Running a business in the greater Nottinghamshire area can be tough with more competition taking greater market share and customers searching only the first few businesses they come across on the internet. Local high street businesses need to show a really good offer to all potential footfall passing their business and potential customers who know where the business is to attract the audience who are ready to buy. With a combination of local paid display ads, top-ranking mobile search results with Google map placements Small Business owners can get a return on their investment as they should be in a position to increase sales. For businesses with interns or graduate placements in the Nottinghamshire area
Then, interestingly, both of the local universities Trent and Nottingham, provide open access to learn digital marketing. The Digital Marketing Academy is open to the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University students, regardless of year group or subject. (Nottingham. ac.UK)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

There are the vanity measures like the analytics of how your properties are doing, such as new and repeat traffic, page views, search engine position. Number of clicks, followers or impressions of pages and how long people spend on your site. All these can be found on Google analytics,

Real world indicators are number of sales, subscriptions, cost per lead, lifetime value, conversion rate, revenue and overall ROI per campaign. You can use SMART KPI’s

Research your target market and find out what are the top platforms that you can find them on. Such as business to business (B2B) would be Linked In. Consider your goals is it to build your brand or have more engagement with your content. Create content that your potential followers would find interesting and use free and paid posting. Social listening, see how followers act and what they say about your brand and engage them regularly. Check your analytics and use them to build your profile and check traffic, leads & customers.

Social media is here to stay and is a great wat to build relationships with your clients and is fast way to communicate for sales or advice. Most people expect the businesses they are going to deal with will be active and responsive on social media. It gives your brand a face. Show or tell people your story and what you’re up to so they can relate. It’s easy to target your audience with paid ads which are relatively low cost.

You can also connect with influencers and build profitable relationships.

Online marketing works by using various channels on the internet to promote any message about your brand, product or service and get noticed by your target market. Grab their attention and lead them through your cannels to educate and solve a problem then to ultimately make a sale. The various methods available are using a website, SEO (search engine optimisation), E-mail, social media marketing, display network advertising, PPC (pay per click) advertising, content marketing or blogging and even affiliate marketing

Websites are displayed on the internet to give potential clients a great user experience and interface while easily accessing valuable information. Design is the process of creating a useful appearance with functionality. This relates to colours, fonts and copy, graphics, images and how this is structured. These should make it easy and logical to navigate and be speedy. These last elements can help SEO. At the very least sites should be responsive and ready for the Google mobile first indexing.

Reputation marketing has grown from a mix of reputation management and brand management. It promotes the businesses brand and monitors the brands online sites for comments, mentions, testimonials and reviews then replies positively and promotes them to  enhance their image and ultimately sales. Marketing your brands positive comments you build trust and grow your online presence. 

owner at Lofty Digital Marketing

Will Polley

Owner at Lofty Digital Marketing Agency

Let Will work out a digital marketing strategy for your business. Simply call Will today on 01623 272150 and discuss your
options to grow your business online with more prospects looking for your products or services.

Why Is Your Business Not Growing Online?


There are many reasons a good business doesn't seem to grow or have year on year sales revenue growth.

As I’ve mentioned before one man cannot efficiently run a business, do the sales, outreach,
and marketing to get new and existing customers to come back or buy for the first time.

A small business will reach what I call a ceiling effect. Where one, two or more members of
the team are working flat out to service their customers and maintain a product or service.
The business owner or manager should be the designer, creator, and driver of innovation.
Let go and deligate tasks that arnt directly making you profit.
What should a small or medium business owner be looking for in an online marketing strategy?
My answer would be simple. An ROI for every investment made for online marketing.
How? By increasing online exposure for keyphrases with buyer intent. Localised to your specific region
and directly related to your business service. Gain online authority so search engines find your sites
and display them prominently on their listings. Get more prospects calling and visiting your websites
and making inquiries.
So, new or returning clients find you before your competitors and look to your business to fulfil their needs.

If You're Not Getting Enough Visitors

That’s to your website or not enough calls or visits to your business premises.
And, you think you’ve got a good product or service. 

What’s wrong?

Let Will Polley at Lofty Digital Marketing Agency based
just off the M1 junction 28 in Nottingham Provide a service
to your business that will grow your online presence and build authority
resulting in a maps pack listing on the main search engines. where you can
gain the local searching results to provide customers with a great experience
and show search engines like Google how valuable and important you are in your area.

Digital internet marketing folders

Online skill set and Hiring an expert online to Market their company

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 98 percent of all firms in the United Kingdom. SMEs contribute £18 billion to Nottinghamshire’s Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2016, making them an important aspect of the county’s economy.
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has classified the East Midlands region as the best in the country for small and medium-sized businesses.
Four out of ten of England’s fastest-growing SMEs are located in the East Midlands.
Last year, nearly 44 million SME visitors came to Nottingham city centre.
Local small business owners view online marketing as a critical activity, with 17% reporting that it accounts for more than half of their marketing expenditure.

In Nottinghamshire, small and medium-sized businesses are mainly found in the service industry, retail, food and beverage, or professional services sectors. They have a strong web presence and generate revenue from local clients.
They may not be the worldwide players we recognise today, but they are the backbone of England’s economy. The sector contributed £57 billion to the national economy.
In recent years, there has been a growth in the number of small and medium-sized businesses in Nottinghamshire using digital marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves online.
Many businesses are also investing in their online capabilities in order to capitalise on this new market potential and deliver a more personalised service to their customers. It’s crucial to remember that small businesses don’t have big funds when it comes to marketing. There is a point where the business owner or manager should be looking at marketing online as an expense and not a cost that will yield an ROI

A current list of all areas covered in the Nott’s region.

NG1, Nottingham city centre Nottingham
NG2, Nottingham city centre, Colwick Park, Sneinton, The Meadows, West Bridgford Nottingham, Rushcliffe
NG3, Carlton, Sneinton, St Ann’s, Mapperley Gedling, Nottingham
NG4, Gedling Village, Netherfield, Carlton, Colwick Gedling
NG5, Sherwood, Arnold, Bestwood, Carrington, Top Valley, Rise Park Nottingham, Gedling
NG6, Bestwood Village, Bulwell, Old Basford Nottingham, Gedling
NG7, New Basford, Forest Fields, Hyson Green, Radford, Lenton Nottingham
NG8, Aspley, Wollaton, Whitemoor, Bilborough, Strelley Nottingham, Broxtowe
NG9, Beeston, Stapleford, Lenton Abbey, Chilwell, Trowell, Bramcote Broxtowe, Nottingham
NG10, Long Eaton, Sawley, Sandiacre Erewash
NG11, Clifton, Ruddington, Gotham, Kingston on Soar Nottingham, Rushcliffe
NG12, Cotgrave, Radcliffe on Trent, Keyworth, Edwalton Rushcliffe
NG13, Bingham, Whatton, Bottesford, Aslockton Rushcliffe, Melton
NG14, Calverton, Lowdham, Burton Joyce, Gunthorpe Gedling
NG15, Hucknall, Ravenshead, Newstead Ashfield, Gedling
NG16, Kimberley, Eastwood, Nuthall, Langley Mill, Pinxton, Selston, Awsworth, Ironville, Jacksdale, Westwood, Underwood, Brinsley, Watnall Amber Valley, Ashfield Bolsover, Broxtowe
NG17, Kirkby-in-Ashfield AshfieldSUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD Sutton-in-Ashfield, Stanton Hill, Skegby
NG18, Mansfield Mansfield
NG19, Mansfield Woodhouse, Forest Town Mansfield
NG20, Shirebrook, Market Warsop Bolsover, Mansfield
NG21, Rainworth, Edwinstowe, Clipstone, Blidworth Newark and Sherwood
NG22, Bilsthorpe, Newark-on-Trent Newark and Sherwood
NG23, Newark-on-Trent, Collingham, Long Bennington Newark and Sherwood
NG24, Newark-on-Trent, Balderton Newark and Sherwood
NG25, Southwell Newark and Sherwood
NG31, Grantham South Kesteven
NG32, Grantham, Croxton Kerrial, Sedgebrook South Kesteven, Melton
NG33, Grantham, Castle Bytham, Corby Glen South Kesteven
NG34, Sleaford, Scredington North Kesteven,

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