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Helping Small Companies Build Their brands Since 2011

Local business owners know their product better than anyone else…right

So, let us get your firm found by new target audiences and repeat customers before your competitors…while you drive your operation forward. Choose from local organic Search result Optimisation, Social Media Management, Map Listings to Paid Traffic Generation and increase calls enquiries and sales using a solid digital strategy.

reputation management techniques

Online Reputation Marketing

This is the latest and most exciting service we have offered to date. Today reputation and good publicity is so important to build trust, authority and help gain more customers, clients or patients. With this service, we help build a strong and accurate reputation, we monitor new and old reviews and distribute and help satisfied customers to leave 5 star feedback. This will enhance trust and encourage new prospects to do business with you. You should have this in place to stop any reputation management issues.

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Why Digital Marketing Agencies

Today's promotion agencies have a multitude of services to offer all trade types the chance to grow online and build their brand. A lot of owners or managers, they want to know which service can help them first and foremost. At lofty Digital Marketing, we analyse and prepare a service that does that. We realise you don't need to use every type of product but one that provides the results the firm is looking for most to take advantage of the information age. The obvious place to start is a fast converting website.

Online Consulting Firm Using Laptop in Nott's

Online Business Consulting Service

The internet is global place and we provide online marketing services to clients locally Nottinghamshire or internationally like the UK, Australia, USA & Canada. Use a full service digital marketing agency you know or has been recommended or you feel happy after consulting with them. Starting with website audits and local SEO to paid advertising, press or news releases and competition analysis. There is no one size fits all and is dependant on the company, niche and objective. Like driving sales.

Contact Will Polley over at Lofty Digital Marketing for a free website audit. We’ll check things like speed, mobile-friendly, indexing, redirects, technical factors, other on-page factors and link structures.

Go to our discovery form and fill in the details…we need to learn some more about your trade and organisation

Key Features

More reasons to work together

Google My Business

Maps Search Optimisation...Google Maps Optimisation is an important part of any successful local SEO business marketing plan. Being in the mobile map listings gets customers to contact or even visit your location. Use digital marketing agencies who are aware and employs factors that align with Google's mobile first algorithm.

Content Marketing

Expertise using content thats fresh and informative will continue to be an essential component of Search Optimisation (SEO). Grow your site with original content that's useful and interesting and written by experts. Total content quantity can vary between industries so, contact Will on 01623 272150

Media Contacts

Get your website listed on high authority media sites. Important for content, local search results and lead generation. Our team specialises using media contacts to pinpoint local prospects or as damage limitation in reputation management. Of course it is combined with strong reputation management and local mobile first Search Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Appear On the Front Page of The Main Search Pages!...We offer professional industry standard SEO services that help websites increase their organic position in order to compete for the desired page one rankings — even when it comes to competitive keywords in the web content.

Video Marketing

with short promotional videos mainly on YouTube with the option of Paid listings to enhance traffic flow and help you reach new customers. Short benefit driven video easy to consume to get more enquiries to your product or service and highlight your creativity. We also now build your authority with 5 star reputation video reviews.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid listings on Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWords seo ppc and Microsoft AdCenter can help you reach new customers. Display ads are another outlet for paid search. Pay per call is great for local businesses. Ads can help get new enquiries or sales faster. Run a small campaign to test an idea or gather data.

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We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm. To help our clients businesses grow online

Search Engine Marketing

Promote your company online to targeted prospects you can turn into customers clients & patients anywhere on the internet

Today’s shifting digital world means all business owners are starting out on a level playing field…if they know the best practices that are fit for purpose and data driven. 

At LDM Agency, we consult with our clients and develop an online marketing blueprint that includes content promotional mix that will not only get top page web rankings and web indexing but through industry-standard safe practices get long-term results that keep the phone ringing, so you can grow your SME. For small firms that are keen to grow and outperform their competitors here are three great digital services, we can offer to get your internet top of mind awareness started and build brand loyalty. This would include web design, E-commerce and Email_marketing that is created to help to convert prospects or end_user to take an action

We all like to think its great if we can get clients to our websites and social platforms for free (ORGANIC), but its not always the best type of visitor because using paid searches like Google, Bing or Facebook you can get in front of the exact type of client immediately. Of course you pay, but the returns can make it very lucrative.

Do What You Do Best!

You need a great product or service to satisfy your customers. It should solve a problem or make things easier. Customers, clients or patients are the lifeblood of your company that provides for you, your family and your supplier’s families. Marketing and sales are your business drivers: LIKE IT OR NOT. You have a passion for running your organisation better than anyone else in the world, so don’t waste your time learning other things like marketing. 

It takes a long time to learn! 

You need to create, innovate & lead your business. Build your brand. Don’t work in it, work on it.

Let Us Be Your Online Partner And Grow Your Internet Presence & Authority

Are you interested in trying out Facebook(TM) paid advertising to give your firm “Top Of Mind Awareness“, then click the link to find out more about attracting more customers, clients or patients to your offer page so you can contact them and add them to your list and provide them with more information and eventually become a paying client?

Interested in Website Design For Small Business?

GET BETTER RESULTS BY implementing core web site elements!

Pretty Websites Doesn't Mean More visitors turn to Paying Clients! You should include conversion rate optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation for local businesses

E-mail Marketing

So, you’ve got a list of interested prospects and now you need to follow up with ideas and information to help them solve their problem. But you need to know where they are coming from, was it the web design on the homepage or landing page, and you should segregate them so individual groups only get relevant information and are engaging with your Writing.

Build E-mail Funnels

using a mobile device to shop at local businessesbusinesses and find them easy

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting visitors to your site is one thing, but getting them to do something is another. Your website should be structured to engage, inform and offer value with you getting their details so you can keep in touch. You can keep them interested and ready to engage with great content marketing or video and act on results with Web analytics and advertising cookies.

business email marketing

Mobile Optimised Sites

Current day local searching, shopping, and purchasing have changed. You need a website design that also displays to desktop, tablet, and smartphones correctly, or any Web browser. If your site takes too long to load and when it does your interested audience can’t read it very well…You’ve lost them to competitors. Retargeting will optimise your chances of better branding and sales.

Fast Mobile Loading

Capture Visitor Details

Build E-mail Funnels

Fast Mobile Loading

Your company is in good hands with our specially tailored services

You can call us for more information

Local mobile app to shop

Mobile App creation

Contacting and updating customers, clients or patients has never been easier than with mobile apps and geo location specific messaging. It can also be used to increase website traffic


social media marketing

Reaching out to new prospects or old customers and clientele is all part of the Social  Marketing Strategy, to offer SME’s the option to give quick replies to potential client questions

Reputation Management with 5 star review

reputation marketing

Are you worried or have insight about prominent reviews which imply a poor experience or service? Perhaps you don’t even know they exist! Would you push them off the front page and in the future know as soon as someone gives you a substandard review?


Online Marketing Company For High Street Businesses

Grab the attention of the mobile shopping customers first

LDM Consulting

Do You Need More Help

A digital marketing agency with a wide spectrum of disciplines which can include many online marketing strategies, based on Market research, especially map listings with a tap to call and a directions button. SEO will be needed at some point to create an organic marketing campaign to last. One other important plan of action is utilising social platforms to directly engage and offer advice. And one of the fastest-growing mediums is video marketing for businesses 

Local business owners with both goods or services to offer potential customers need to keep drawing in new prospects as there will always be attrition of older clients. The competition can be fierce and every advantage. such as web development, needs to be taken. As the business owner, you’ll have intimate knowledge of your service and should be directing the content marketing element to give your sale items the justice they require and not get a stranger to write something for you. 

Why us

How To Make More Sales For Your Business

Fail to plan…plan to Fail

woman opening the door for small business that are now open
My business is open waiter allowing customers to order

Without sales, your business is just a time consuming and expensive hobby. Without marketing, you’ll not get any customers, clients or patients. Sales and marketing are your business drivers. You create, design and innovate a great product or service that only you can deliver to help peoples lives for the better

Things I see business owners get wrong. Price is always big on the list. One word of advice. Do not discount. There will ALWAYS be someone to go lower than you. Stay away from discount wars, you’ll never make any profit. Make the sale easy for your customer, if you can give credit, do it. Freemium models can work very well but plan your sales funnel and web resources. Remember your selling yourself as much as your product…you do believe in your product or service, don’t you. Test your sales results and re-think after testing. New customers are expensive, so re-activate your old customer base. Always ask for referrals they cost nothing to acquire. Finally, ask Will at Lofty Digital Marketing Agency to come up with an online strategy/process for your business or book a consultation, today.

What Is Local Search Optimisation?

Local search engine optimisation is necessary to succeed in business in today’s digital marketplace whether the UK or Europe. The fact is, a majority of consumers, your audience, are actively looking online to find various products or services they might need. Thus, if your business is not currently ranking as high as possible on Google or Bing, you are bound to miss out on a large potential segment of the market. Because of this, you want to be sure to invest a good amount of time, energy, and money into your own SEO efforts. Below, we will talk about what web search is and we will be going over its benefits Like conversion rate optimisation.

Getting your website ranking higher within the search results like Google Or Bing, specifically for local results. Is very important in today’s digital age because a majority of consumers are actively seeking various products and services online. Such as “Spa near me”. Because they are beginning their research and buying process online, it is more important than ever before to get your website ranking high within the top search pages to put yourself on the maps listing in terms of getting your business found and becoming a part of the research process. Without having a high ranking on the organic search for relative keywords or key phrases, you are bound to miss out on a large percentage of the market that actively seeking answers online. The other answer is to use Pay Per Click advertising. Again, this requires some skill to get a good listing at the right price to the right market.

Now that we have gone over some of the main things that describe “what is local search optimisation,” we will be going over some of the benefits of methodology and implementing it for your company and how you will grow with local search both from organic and Maps listings.

More Traffic

Perhaps the biggest benefit that you are going to be able to get when you invest in online optimisation for your website is the ability to achieve much better overall web traffic numbers. Because your website is going to be ranking higher in Google’s mobile-first algorithm for various keywords and key phrases associated with your business and market, you are going to be able to get more prospective customers going to your website. This alone is reason enough to invest in SEO efforts within your marketing mix because the more traffic you have going to your website, the more chances you are going to have to convert the traffic into actual customers for your business. 

Affordable Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, pay per click, ECommerce or Email Marketing which can cost a lot of money to implement, SEO is something that can be relatively affordable and is ideal to get your top consumer products noticed. This is especially true if you are able to hire a company that knows exactly what they are doing. Because it has no incremental costs associated with it, once you make the decision to hire a company to handle it for you, it is going to allow you to focus on other tasks involved with your business and reap the benefits of getting better rankings within your industry and enhancing the ROI on your investment.

Specific Targeting

Another benefit that you are going to get from focusing on local web indexing traffic is the ability to have much better targeting when it comes to your SEO efforts and your marketing efforts in total. Because you are going to be targeting specific local keywords and traffic, it is going to make it much more likely that you are going to be able to achieve high conversion rates with your efforts.

Overall, there are a lot of different reasons to invest heavily in your local organic ranking efforts. Not only can it boost the total amount of traffic you are able to get to your website on a daily basis, but it can do so without costing a fortune.

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Our company works hard for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) including Micro-enterprises to bring individual internet marketing services that enhance growth and scale

“An inclusive business model is one that reaches out to people who have previously been excluded from marketplaces. It is a method of promoting economic development and social participation. It might be viewed as a commercial response to the demand for more inclusive business strategies.” (UNDP). The inclusive business model necessitates a rethinking of the client acquisition process as well as how we market our product or service. We should concentrate on how our product or service would simplify our clients’ lives and provide them with additional value. We should also consider internet advertising approaches that will reach various demographics (for example, Facebook’s (TM) Custom Audience).

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Does digital marketing really work?

When it comes to marketing, digital is simply an extension of traditional. An increase in time spent on mobile phones and tablets has led to the need for high-quality content geared towards this new audience. Furthermore, social networks like Google+ and Twitter are blooming with opportunity for professionals to use these platforms as another outlet to generate traffic back to their websites by posting about industry topics, contests, or any other update that should encourage complete participation within that specific community.

However, just because social media marketing has become a lot more common than 10 years ago doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed complete success at all times. You need consistent content posting, relevant to your audience and helps solve problems and be interesting.

What are the most common digital marketing services?

Marketing online” helps increase customer reach by publishing information about products, services and brands to an unlimited geographic area (such as towns, cities, counties, countries or global) and produces corresponding results such as increasing awareness, brand building, trust, detailed and specific targeting of customers’ improving visibility; reaching prospects who may not otherwise be visited by sales representative; providing research measurable data to refine a campaign either continuously or periodically; recognizing trends in demand faster than other media can do so via monitoring search engine usage and keywords entered over time (a concept known as “social market detection”) is used.

limitations of traditional marketing and advertising is reaching less than a couple of percent of or your target market. The process is slow. Reach is even smaller with print media, radio or direct mailings, and its difficult to measure your opt-ins or sales from one campaign to another..

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

Make sure that your website or blog has relevant content to your target audience. Have you created an idealised Avatar of the ideal customer from your research into the market?

Next, consider creating unique content specific to search engine optimisation practices – research techniques and use keywords and topics correctly in order to get better rankings on Google searches ether local or national. Online reviews are also very important for your online reputation,  get testimonials from satisfied clients about how they use or experience your products or services then share them across your planned social sites.

The digital marketing strategy is to establish your web presence and brand by building a customer base and reach through social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, localized search engine marketing. The key to succeeding in today’s online marketplace is using digital tactics wisely working on one aspect to achieve success then moving on to the next platform and repeat. 

What are the skills needed for digital marketing?

The skills needed for digital marketing are many, but researching your market, content creation for engagement and trust-building, conversion from a web page or sales page, retention and reporting using e-mail and analytics to find the winners or losers in your campaigns. Beyond creativity with design or photo-editing software programs, you would need to know how to plan an online campaign including analyzing the target audience and the best way to reach it.

Designing the appropriate website is also a large part of this role. This needs copywriting capability too because successfully reaching these customers requires writing compelling text that entices them into interacting more closely with your company. What will be different for the next campaign; you’ll find out after split testing pages, headlines or videos?

Research can help your efforts by providing statistics on marketing effectiveness or information about your target demographic trends over time. Gathering knowledge on what messaging media is most likely to make people want to buy your product, service or consultancy.

Successful companies get it, that their customer’s interactions always start with an engagement on some form of digital platform. They provide value by offering great content and not just by sponsoring ads found at the top of Google searches – these brands know how important it is to meet consumers where they are already spending time on screens every day.

What makes digital marketing successful?

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for any business, but it’s hard to know where to start or what you need in order to be effective.

With so many choices and so much information out there, how do you decide which digital marketing agency is right for your business? The truth is that not all agencies are created equal. Some may offer the same services as others but deliver them at a lower quality level or with less expertise.

Internet marketing is a complicated and ever-changing landscape. Many small business owners don’t know where to start or what to do with the information they’ve found on the internet. It’s not easy to understand why some digital marketing campaigns fail while others succeed.

Using online marketing includes acquiring a set of skills that help draw potential customers to your website, and then through email promotion or web design forms, allows you to have a conversation with the customer. It’s important to take time while designing your campaign so it can reach customers across different areas in their cycle of research and evaluation – before a purchase decision is made.

Successful digital marketing campaigns use both online and offline channels to drive awareness about their brand’s products or services, build trust with customers, identify prospects for sales. Take advantage of growth opportunities from past site visitors who did not convert into buyers, increase sales from existing customers by making the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

Specifically on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram where users are often scrolling to view or research products and you make content that interrupts their viewing and they want to see what your post content is all about.


How do small businesses do digital marketing?

  • Research The Competition and be different
  •  Get Your Core Website Vitals Right
  • Optimise Google My Business Listing 
  • Use Paid Ads

Being digitally aware in business, and with ease of access to technology nowadays, it’s so important for businesses to use digital marketing techniques. Research your top competitors and find your unique angle to offer a product or service and make look different,
Being digitally savvy is not just about knowing how to use social media platforms like Facebook and what the different buttons on the sites do – it’s also recognizing that over 3 billion internet users exist globally. So, if any of these people start visiting your website to find out more about you, you’ll need to have your core web vitals in order like page speed.

By taking advantage of modern technologies that exist nowadays, small businesses can build trust by hearing what their customers have to say through tools like surveys, competitions and customer feedback. And one of the most important currently is Google My Business (GMB) It’s essential for any business these days to not only be online but also be involved in creative ways of advertising themselves 24/7.
In fact, Manta reported that 72% of people try a new company after seeing an interesting ad or post.

Ads help you reach your audience people who are actively looking for things like what you sell or provide as a service. Ads give your business the advantage of meeting potential clients where they are already browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Snapchat? Google AdWords? These are all available to find new clients faster.

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