Free Commercial for small business

Congratulations! Your video marketing tools checklist is on its way, but you’re not done yet.

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Dear Small Business Owner  

You probably already realise the value in using video to generate more interest in your business. 

So, if you want more views to a great product or service, clicks to your website or storefront AND a great story board, sales script and primetime graphics to entice potential customers to click, call or buy, this might be the most important message you’ll read all year. Here’s why…  

I have just released a confidential commercial video ad called “Commercial Cash Add.” Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing 30 second video commercial:  

• The storyboard script to keep viewrs engaged and watching more of your video so they'll click the ad • Primetime graphics give your video professional transitions and grabs viewers attention to watch longer • Promote Irresistible offers and show great savings only from this video so they'll take action • Clicks from the video to let you remarket or add to email lists so you can contact them in the future • Video commercial displays the benefit of clicking right now so securing your product or service

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll get when you take advantage of this amazing video commercial offer.  

By now you’re probably wondering “How much does this cost?” 

A video commercial, like the beta “Commercial Cash Add” can cost anywhere up to £327 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to this 30 second video Commercial Ad.  

But I have big savings for you!  

When tested, I will sell the full product every day for £247 and it’s well worth it. But you won’t pay that. When you make the decision to get on this beta test now the price will be just £0... That’s a 100% savings from the normal price! Another bonus for smart business owners who take action. Yes I'm giving beta test businesses, this chance Only while in beta test phase. 

Hop on board let us streamline the production and get all the hickups out of the way. I cannot guarantee how long this will be the case.

So what’s my hidden motive? Why am I giving away this Commercial Cash Add video? I want to provide a great service to my clients. 

So, I want to produce about 90 or so videos to iron out the different processes and delivery. This beta test is to scrutinise production and find ways to do it better. There is a win win situation here, I learn how to do it efficiently and my clients get an amazing deal to start the process of attracting views and visits. 

There can be an add on cost if you want a like for like service comparing the Beta to the retail version, but you still get the commercial video free, as there are royalty fees to pay for voice overs and some images. There is also optimisation and syndication included in the retail version which don't come bundled with the beta version, but you get the rest.

I'm more interested in gaining your trust and confidence as a client Plus, I will get feedback. Still I get new clients who may refer my service. It’s really a win-win situation.  

Get ready to show more people who visit your site, where you can start to build your client list, and grow your business!  

Simpley click the button below right now.  

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