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Does Anyone See Your Facebook Posts

by Rrufton
Paid versus natural organic

I did a test recently on one of my business pages on Facebook. So, it ran from September 7 to October 4. During that time period, I ran an ad for two days spending £5 a day to see how my reach changed.

Wow, this illustrates how little your organic posting is actually viewable by friends and followers. On this page, I have 13K likes but not the most targeted for my business theme. However, I made sure I posted between 2 to 4 times per day, every day and the lighter orange colour in the graph shows how many social views I was getting. The posts were varied, not just industry stuff that would appeal to the business community with some great images and graphics.

The organic reach was less than 15 followers per day that could see any of my posts which is just over 0.1% of my 13K friends & followers. For the paid ad my reach peaked at 825 which is over 6%.

Now, if I ran my ad for longer and gathered more data along with some testing and tweaking the daily reach would have increased and I’m sure the percentage would easily make double figures. I would think that using the paid ads will increase engagements and comments enough for FB algorithm, which in turn would likely increase the organic reach.

In reality, writing engaging content on your favourite social media sites, like Facebook will not be enough!

Try posting at least 2 or 3 times a day, help people by answering their questions on other pages and groups. Write your own articles or long posts with advice on how to overcome their bottlenecks. When you see a little more engagement on a post then spend a few pounds and run an ad to it. Retarget those people who read or watched your video with more interesting and useful content. And finally, just make an offer to those people. Remember to be consistent and do this every day. Run retargeting ads on twitter, youtube, IG or LinkedIn to show up everywhere and start to build authority.

Sometimes You Have To Pay To Play

I have not mentioned any of the analytics like CPC “cost per click” or relevance score because this was a simple comparison to show how Facebook can operate in certain conditions Paid versus organic reach.

Yes, more customers, clients or patients trusting you and probably buying your main offer.

But when you have an ad with good targeting great graphics a headline to capture your audiences attention and an amazing irresistible offer who knows how much reach you’ll get and more importantly clicks to your chosen site where you can write copy that shows them their main problem and a way to overcome that problem with your help.

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