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  1. What is a Beta Test? This is where we are launching a new product or service and need real-world users to go through our system and use it for their business either free or at a much lower cost and help us iron out the best procedures and practices to make a smoothly operating system at a later point. This helps us, the service provider and helps you the customer get a great service at a fraction of the commercial cost.
  2. Why are giving away a free video? As I mentioned above it’s to test our service in real conditions. This beta is for new customers only and for this one off test well take care of the production costs.
  3. What do I supply? You don’t have to supply anything as we can use images from our own library, but obviously your, if they’re the right size, images will be more pertinent to your company.
  4. How long is the Beta test available? It simply depends on the numbers that come through and if the production and deliverability run smoothly then it will revert to full commercial price and we’ll stop the testing.