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7 Things Business owners need to know before you first advertise on Facebook(TM)...FREE GUIDE

  • Tips & recommendations to make getting started easier and faster.
  • Money-saving ideas to get the most out of your campaigns while limiting resources and time needed.
  • Expert advice to avoid the mistakes we made when we started out. 
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  • Your potential customers and clients are spending a lot of time on Facebook(TM)
  • Facebook(TM) posts are seen by about 1% of your fans (so you'll have to pay one way or another for your fans to see posts and stories)
  • Highly accurate demographic targeting
  • Highly accurate location targeting
  • Facebook(TM) ads while increasing are still affordable compared to the competitors
  • Facebook retargeting to get to people who have seen your content and are warm prospects
  • There are many different types of ad to reach potential prospects...just need to test
  • Video ads work great and are ideal for Facebook(TM)
  • Using Facebook(TM) direct response ads you can use analytics to hyper target your desired audiance
  • Increases social media activity and help your search engine optimisation
  • builds more authority for your brand

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